It was one of these nights ..
.. I neither want to go home ..
.. nor really know where to go.
Well .. I land up ..
.. in one of these old dark rock pubs
.. with their very well known old light and smell.
A smell like in a public subway toillet.
It was one of this nights ..
.. when you expect nothing ..
.. but get everything.
A lucky night.
The only reasonabel action ..
.. is to wait.
I was alone.
But not long enough to have time to think about myself.
A friend appears.
One of this crasy souls for them I never have enough time, ..
.. but allways want to have them around me.
A good wolf.
I saw ..
.. this ..
.. bunnies.
"You wanna?"
I stopped thinking ..
.. and felled free.
"Love me bunny!"
I wished to be huged.
It was one of these nights ..
.. when many things happen.
But, it wasn´t me!
.. on this photographs.
My name is Maria.
.. I danced ..
..I smiled ..
.. I laughed ..
.. I´ve been hold.
I brought the bunny home.